Affected services:

  • Crane
  • Anvil
  • Attic
  • /common
  • Networking
  • Crane Open OnDemand

Issues with PKI datacenter (CRANE, ATTIC, ANVIL, COMMON) networking

Opened on Thursday 27th May 2021, last updated


This issue has been resolved as best we can. Further work is needed to eliminate the device causing problems entirely, but for now all systems should be operational.

As always, we suggest you check any workflows that may have been running and restart if necessary. If you encounter ongoing problems, please email us at

Posted by Garhan Attebury


The network device causing the instability at our PKI datacenter has failed in a more complete manner, and with limited personnel available it will be tomorrow (May 28th) before this can be remedied in full. Apologies for any inconvenience with this.

This largely affects external connectivity to the datacenter, and it is likely that workflows not dependent on external communication will continue to run.

A final followup will be sent once this issue is resolved.

Posted by Garhan Attebury


There are currently some networking instabilities at our PKI datacenter which may affect your access to Crane, Attic, Anvil, and Common resources. This will be remedied as soon as possible, but a permanent fix might not be available until tomorrow (Friday).

Posted by Garhan Attebury