Affected services:

  • Crane
  • Crane Open OnDemand

Crane: Extended Downtime

Scheduled for Monday 5th April 2021 at 08:00 (Central Time (US & Canada))

Schedule/description of work

This downtime will be used to upgrade the operating system used on the cluster from an EL6 base to an EL8 base. While it has served us well for over half a decade, the current operating system has reached the end of its supported lifecycle and will no longer receive security updates necessitating this change. Additionally, it is increasingly challenging to support modern research software and codes on an aging platform as more and more of those codes expect or require more modern operating systems. While we understand this may be inconvenient to some, this move is necessary for us to continue supporting the evolving research needs of the University system. This downtime will require at least three days to complete but may require more. Updates will be provided when the system is back online.

Scheduled start time
April 05, 2021 08:00
8 days